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Songwriter. Trad folk singer. Romantic fundamentalist. Crimefighter. Lover. Poet. Dude. Liar.

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The Birthday Song (live)

The return of an oldie, in every sense. Filmed live at Catweazle Performance-Space (on my birthday).

Chapter 66: “You don’t call, you don’t email… what about MY needs?”

Diary, look...

I know...

I know I've been bad.... I know I haven't been in touch in an age, I'm sorry...

It's just that... whoo! You really would not believe these last two months. I mean really, you would not believe.

I mean, I've been busy before... but really it's just been crazy! Temps fou, ma vieille amie! Días de la locura! الفوضى المطلق!

Where to begin...

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The Sussex Cotillion & The Gloucestershire Hornpipe

A quick (unrehearsed) playaround on two trad English tunes: the Sussex Cotillion (which starts like theme tune from 'Dallas' and which I learnt from the hyper-talented Sandy Shallis: ‪http://www.youtube.com/user/squeezyjoan‬) and the Gloucestershire Hornpipe (which I think I first heard on one of the Morris On albums). Performed on Thursday 27 February 2014. That percussive knocking you can hear throughout is the sound of me consistently knocking my girlfriend's lovely steel-string guitar against the wall behind.

Chapter 65: New Year’s Dissolution

Dear Diary,

A happy 2014 to you! How fares things in diary land? Did you get any natty presents?

Okay, enough about you.

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On Christmas Day It Happened So

Merry Christmas. You're all going to Hell.