Track number 3 from Badass Snow White. We’ve had race car drivers, dodgy princes with necrophiliac tendencies… and now we someone cursed to be a werewolf whenever the sun shines.

This is the first song on the album that features the full band playing live in the recording studio. (The first two featured some ensemble performing but were mainly constructed ‘in the box’, as the saying goes.)

We also invited an audience of friends to watch, and even to participate, in the form an impromptu werewolf chorus, which you can hear at the end. Bloodcurdling, no? Continue reading


Track number 3 from the Reverenzas EP How We Roll. Slightly more serious than the last. An unaccompanied (almost) version of an old patriotic song.

Not to be confused, incidentally, with the song by the same name by John Tams (which is actually a better song – if you’ve seen the stage show of War Horse you might recognise it as the song at the beginning). Continue reading

So, waaaaaay back in April I played a few gigs as part of a celebration of 400 years of Shakespeare being consistently dead. I also recorded a song for an upcoming album. Here is the press releasey stuff from the folks at Autolycus Records:

The Food of Love project album will be officially released December 2016: a collection of songs mentioned or referenced in Shakespeare’s plays, composed during or before the Bard’s lifetime. Featured artists include Stornoway, Dead Rat orchestra, Alastair Roberts, Brickwork Lizards, Flights of Helios and many more.

Continue reading

Ben Champion is one of the many very talented performers I’ve met through Oxford’s Catweazle Club. Comedian, musician, veteran of the Edinburgh Festival amongst other things.

And his songs are catchy as fuck. And I’ve got to the stage where I know huge chunks of them off by heart, and I tend to sing them to myself a little bit too loudly in public places.

This YouTube video of a sort of filthy Elton John pastiche is particularly good for that, I find. I highly recommend singing ‘Dildo carrot’ to yourself with gusto in the supermarket queue.

Current Favourite Track:

And his paintings lived happily ever after – Vermeer and ‘the Serene’

Was the original title.

But the Eulogize This team politely asked if they could shorten it, in recognition of the fact that I have cheekily made the titles longer each time. If they hadn’t nipped this in the bud it might have been a paragraph.

On an unrelated point, don’t the paintings look beeeeaaaautiful in this article?

Happily Ever After: Vermeer and the Serene


Picture by Mim Saxl

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