This month I thought I’d try to put down in words quite why making traditional music has been such a headache for me over the years.

In fact, it occurred to me today that I have written an extraordinarily small number of songs in the last 10 years, and a large part of that has been that so much of my songwriting energy has been taken up in trying to record and perform English traditional music in a way which, to me, doesn’t sound shit. It has taken up so much time in trial and error. Mainly error. And I feel I’m only really starting to make progress on this.

First, let’s just quickly get the whole folk vs traditional thing out of the way. Continue reading

“Well, they sparkle now, okay?”

Things that I want to write Eulogize This articles on tend to fall into a number of categories. There’s ‘things that I think readers might not be aware of. There’s also ‘things that readers are probably familiar with, but here is hopefully a new perspective on why they are so great’. And then there’s perhaps my favourite: ‘things that I think are masterpieces, but that have attracted so much hate that there is a social pressure to casually trash them’. And here comes another in the latter category. Continue reading

It was my birthday this month, so I thought I would dig this old favourite, which I recorded on my birthday 30 years ago, when I was 52.

It is all factually accurate. And I still reserve the moment to put way too much glow filter on any time I choose. It’s the privilege of age…

Spotify discovery this month: Arum Rae, with this great ‘frozen moment’ song. It’s basically two chords, underneath a gentle musing about whether her date is ever going to fucking show up. The song works fine without the video, but it’s a great video too.

Current Favourite Part:
The noise she makes at the beginning after singing the line “He said he’d be here round midnight…”