Did I ever tell you about the time that me and the Half Moon All Stars played a gig under the skeleton a tyrannosaurus rex?  If you know me personally then I fucking did, didn’t I.  Many many times.  But be honest, this is some pretty serious bucket list material going on right here.

We were offered this awesome gig by science communicator Brian Mackenwells.  The premise was… actually, let me just copy the blurb: Continue reading

And his paintings lived happily ever after – Vermeer and ‘the Serene’

Was the original title.

But the Eulogize This team politely asked if they could shorten it, in recognition of the fact that I have cheekily made the titles longer each time. If they hadn’t nipped this in the bud it might have been a paragraph.

On an unrelated point, don’t the paintings look beeeeaaaautiful in this article?

Happily Ever After: Vermeer and the Serene