Sad to say. This is the first time since January 2017 that I haven’t presented a new recording of a traditional track and a new recording of a modern track.

Last month (June) I got ill, and it was kind of a lost month in terms of productivity. And when you’re self-employed, that’s a real problem. Continue reading

You there! Are you a filmmaker?

I’m a big fan of music videos. I’ve never seen them as purely a promotional tool; I believe them to be an extension of music, like cover art. They provide that visual dimension that music alone (obviously) lacks. And when they’re done right… Continue reading

Hey folks – I have a new website:

Click above to go on a magical adventure into audio mastering…


Amongst my many feathers on my bow, or fingers in many pies, or whichever mixed metaphors you prefer… doing some freelance mastering is a new one. I’ve been obsessed by mastering (as well as mixing) for some years now, and I’m now at the point where I feel happy doing it professionally. All part of the adaptive and many-threaded career of the modern musician. Continue reading

Come you folk musicians all, the final ‘Searchlight’ event until the next Folk Weekend: Oxford will be on the evening of Saturday 14 October at St Luke’s Church, Canning Crescent, Oxford.

If this isn’t ringing any bells for you, this event is sort of an open mic night that I’m hosting with my ‘FWO Artistic Director of Local Artists’ hat on*. And it’s basically a way of allowing me (and any other festival organisers who might be interested) to see any local folk artists that we might otherwise be unaware of. Continue reading

What was it that made me finally accept the inevitable? Perhaps it goes all the way back to 2010, and ‘The Internet Is Made Of Cats’, which is always playing in some deep neural network of my brain at any given moment:

According to Google (who knows everything and is never wrong) about 4 – 5% of the internet is porn. And yet 15% — that’s right, fifteen percent! — of the internet is related, directly or indirectly, to cats.

How is this possible? Continue reading

So.  The Half Moon All Stars will perform their final gig some time later this year.

Not sure exactly when, or where, or how. But I can reveal why.

Due to a series of mini-disasters, band commitments just became impossible. First we lost Sam Twigg, after ‘the incident of which we never speak’. Then Mando Josh was kidnapped in the Pyrenees, and we lost Hannah G when she went out to rescue him. Laura’s past finally caught up with her when she was arrested for zoo animal theft. Vince got religion (don’t even get me started on that). Tracey got the lead in Pitch Perfect 3. Uke Josh became the next Doctor Who. Louis became obsessed with being an opera singer. And all the while Calum, as the world knows by now, was just on the verge of becoming a globetrotting multi-platinum Trap DJ.

I should really have seen it coming, I suppose — it was all pretty inevitable to anyone who was paying attention. But maybe there was a deeper underlying problem… Continue reading