So, it happened!  Didn’t really have time to write about it last month.  We managed to get thirteen acts in to perform – and it was all a bit magical, really.  And already I think there were definitely some contenders for Folk Weekend Oxford 2017.

We’re hopefully going to do another one at the end of October – just juggling those logistic with wedding prep right now.  But once again, if you’re Oxfordshire based and fancy showcasing your folk music superpowers, do come along and do just that.

More on this story as it unfolds.

Oh yeah, and did I post our fancy promo video?  Here’s our fancy promo video:

Design by Alice Shepperson

Okay, some tentative news here…

Something we’re hoping to try out at Folk Weekend this year is creating more opportunities for local folk artists to get on our radar.

Specifically, we’re hoping to hold an event very soon (and maybe more than one if it’s successful) in which local folk musicians can come and play, and chat with us, and we can generally get to know each other. Continue reading

Folk Weekend Oxford

It’s okay, it’s really simple…

It’s all just been a horrible, horrible mistake…

I’d been trying to back out of doing things (gigs, MC-ing, etc.) for Folk Weekend Oxford… really so I could actually go and see it! I always just walk around worrying about whether I can remember all the words, and haven’t really relaxed and enjoyed it as a festival yet.

Anyway, I was very surprised and immensely flattered to be asked to take over the Artistic Director role from Jenny of Seahorse Promotions (who has moved out of the county). And a bit worried, frankly, as chatting with Jenny and the organiser Cat made me realise how much is going on that I just hadn’t been aware of. I feel I have a steep learning curve ahead of me. Continue reading

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After what feels like years (and is actually years, specifically two of them) I’ve finally organised the James Bell Central newsletter.

This is basically a monthly roundup of all the new music and events and articles.

Could I tempt you to sign the mailing list?  Ah go on, you will you will you will you will…