Every once in a while I stumble on this spine-tinglingly good version of Gordon Lightfoot’s Song For A Winter’s Night again, recorded by Sarah McLachlan (Jesus!) over 20 years ago. It did the rounds of film and TV in the mid 90s, and even though I think I never actually had a copy of it, it’s just one of those songs you only need to hear once to have it lodged in your brain… pretty much for ever, really.

Current Favourite Part:
The beginning, the end, and the bit in the middle.

I’m basically pinching this as a recommendation, in which Patrick Willems, whose YouTube channel is great (check out ‘What if Wes Anderson Directed X-Men?’), gives some great suggestions on comic books for anyone who, like me, has hardly read any since childhood, but has meant to have another look and see if there’s anything you might like. This video does seem like a really good place to start.

Current Favourite Recommendation:
Bitch Planet.

HAIM are a band that I feel have been floating around my peripheral vision for a while – a band with the kind of shape and consistency that suggest I might be playing them over and over again very soon. Well, the day finally came, and their albums ‘Days Are Gone’ and ‘Something To Tell You’ are probably my most listened to albums at the moment. Continue reading

This month, I’m recommending the work of my neighbour, who lives just a couple of boats down from us with his lovely wife Abby. Many’s the time in summer when I’m cycling past and the path is blocked by Mani, attacking some enormous canvas. And inevitably he’ll say “Hey, James! Wait a minute…”  And then he’ll scrabble in his pocket for headphones and say “You HAVE to listen to this…” And some psychedelic funk headfuck will ensue. Continue reading

Controversially, this is a recommendation that I haven’t actually watched all the way through. I just loved the concept.

For fans of the new wave of True Crime documentary series like Making A Murderer and podcasts like Serial, this is a new Netflix ‘mock-rue-crime-mentary’*, in which a school A/V club makes their own series exploring the mystery of 27 penises spray-painted on the 27 cars of their schoolteachers. Treated with all the seriousness of a mass killing, this show has a blast sending up all the clichés that have been gripping netizens for months. Continue reading