I’m starting early with the Half Moon All Stars nostalgia.

Personally, I think this was one of our most fun gigs.  We still had Jane, we still had Mark — I think we might have even still had Kate!


Anyway, that’s great… it starts with an earthquake…

Don’t think I’ve yet shared this live version of March’s bonus tune.

Spring doesn’t usually come until mid April in these parts, but it really seems to be busting out all over, and currently – writing as I am from my boat on the river – I would have to say I concur with this tune’s sentiments.

Following on from last month’s Suzanne Vega post: my own version of the first song on her first album. I still maintain that

It’s a one time thing. It just happens. A lot.

… is one of the great opening lines of a recording career.

If you like very low res video footage and motion-sickness-inducing shaky-cam (and you do, or why else would you be here?) then this is for you.

The song and video were recorded in the winter of 2009, as I was gearing up to embark on the dumbest romantic car crash of my life. You know how they say it’s better to regret something that you have done than something that you haven’t? Yeah? Well, it isn’t.