Trad singer, songwriter and romantic fundamentalist.

One of these days I’ll get back to actually posting some text on my website, but in the means-time… here is another old song of mine (again 2004?), finally to be released on the new album ‘The Goodbye EP’ – coming soon. This was performed at the album launch for ‘Joy & Jealousy’ at the Old Fire Station, Oxford, and is accompanied by Mr Mark Wilden on voice and shaky egg device.

Hello Diary,

This is what I’m dealing with today… this is what I’m looking down the barrel of:

There would normally be a picture here

Summer, it seems, is finally a-comin’ in.  And I’ve just been to the moovees.

On a day this delightful, where better to be than in a dark room surrounded by strangers?

I’m going to the cinema about once a week at the moment.  This is mainly album-recording-based.

Oh yes, I’m working on an album.  Have I mentioned that?  ‘Joy & Jealousy’ : launch booked for 21st September in the Old Fire Station, Oxford.  And, for some unfathomable reason, this will be the first serious proper LP that I will be releasing under my own name.  (Having now only a couple of EPs under my belt, and the odd collaboration floating out there somewhere in cyberspace.)

I’ve been working on this album since March last year, and I’m currently on schedule to get it finished by the end of July (i.e. next month).  I’m trying to frontload as much of the remaining work as possible, so I really am working like a bastard.   And loving every second of it!   But it does mean I’m quite antisocial at the moment, and am getting studio-based cabin fever.   The perfect antidote to which, it seems, is cinema.