Extraordinary picture, isn’t it.

Saturday morning I saw an article in the Telegraph about a photo of David Cameron posing with some Morris dancers in Banbury.  The Morris dancers had their faces blacked.  Since then the Guardian picked up on the story.  And the Independent.  And the Daily Mail.  And so on.  Twitter is going a little crazy for it right now, unsurprisingly.

So, is Morris dancing racist? (more…)

(or ‘Maybe the English weren’t totally shit at Classical Music after all!’)

Photo by Snapshooter46 (Flickr)
Photo by Snapshooter46 (Flickr)

Dear Diary,

Look look!  Shiny new web pages!!

About Me


The Half Moon All Stars

The Bastard English Session

Part of the new concerted effort to be, organised, particularly when it comes to gig hunting.


In other news, I’ve fallen in love again.  His name is Jenkins, and he’s been dead for over 300 years.  Don’t tell Hannah.


Photo by Lyndon Hatherall (Flickr)
Photo by Lyndon Hatherall (Flickr)


Dear Diary,

Anyway, as I was saying…

This year you’re going to be hearing LOTS from me!  I’ll be posting lots of gigs, lots of new recordings, yada-yada-yada…

Yeah, you’ve heard this before, haven’t you Diary.  “I’m going to write to you all the time from now on!  I know I’ve been shit up to now, but I can change!  I can change!!  I’m going to make such an effort – it’ll be like it’s a New Me!  You’ll see… pithy posts and witty insights left, right and centre!  You’ll be dazzled!”

Total fucking silence for 6 months.

But you know what, I’m not even going to apologise for it this time.

For several reasons.


Diary, look…

I know…

I know I’ve been bad…. I know I haven’t been in touch in an age, I’m sorry…

It’s just that… whoo! You really would not believe these last two months. I mean really, you would not believe.

I mean, I’ve been busy before… but really it’s just been crazy! Temps fou, ma vieille amie! Días de la locura! الفوضى المطلق!

Where to begin…


How much of the 47 minute running-time of Channel 4’s recent folk music documentary would you expect to be devoted to female artists? A little more than 5 minutes 26 seconds, right?

Yes, that’s right – I actually counted it.

Get Folked: Great Folk Revival

Which is not to suggest I don’t have anything better to do than sit in front of 4OD on the computer noting down timings on a spreadsheet. Because I really really do. Christmas is less than a fortnight away and I haven’t bought anyone presents yet. But this was a documentary that took me from curiosity and cheerful anticipation to bafflement to shock and eventually to cool fury.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Start at the beginning.