Ironlegs & The High Caul Cap

James Bell

Joy & Jealousy

  1. Ironlegs & The High Caul Cap


I am indebted to Tim Howes and Helen Rose for their contributions to this set of two my favourite trad English tunes. Helen plays the fiddle parts, and Tim plays the accordion. And although they're both great technical players, I was really keen that on this track they roughed it up a bit. I have many fantastic records by many fantastically gifted trad instrumentalists, and... well, I didn't feel the need to add to their number, put it that way. On this I was hoping to capture something closer to the spirit of the Bastard English Session. That sense that, at any moment, someone might bust out Living On A Prayer.

Credits & Copyright

Fiddle played by Helen Rose. Accordion played by Tim Howes. Traditional, adapted and recorded by James Bell in 2012/3. Released in November 2013. Remastered in September 2017. (P) House of Lyra.