Joy & Jealousy

James Bell

Joy & Jealousy

  1. Joy & Jealousy


Popular Music of the Olden Times by W. Chappell — which has sort of become my manual when it comes to English popular music — says that this tune (called simply 'Dance Tune') is unlikely to be written any later than about 1300 (AD). I've since realised that it's probably the same as 'the English Dance', which is a tune that fans of Early Music will probably be familiar with. But that tune is nearly performed very fast, and that just wasn't how it sounded to me. I could hear a slow, lilting dance trying to get out. And the more I listened to it, and the more I struck by how haunting it sounded, the more certain I was that the perfect name for it would be the name of the album: joy and jealousy.

Credits & Copyright

Traditional, adapted and recorded by James Bell in 2012/3. Released in November 2013. Remastered in June 2017. (P) House of Lyra.