We Should Talk About Money

James Bell
  1. We Should Talk About Money -:-- / 02:57

“Why not email me dates that you’re in?”


This was a song inspired by an office flirtation. When I was just at the point where I was getting over my last breakup. My approach to office flirtations has always been strictly adhering to the “Don’t be that guy” school. You know, that guy. That said, I’m not against office romances, per se. I believe they can work. My last one did. (And reader, I married her.)


“We should talk about money,” she said
With a flash of the eye and a tilt of the head
And an ever so mischievous smile
She reached out fingers, and all of the while
A thin strip of sunlight was marking her shoulder
Reserving her services, plotting a course
From the white cotton blouse
To the warmth of her skin
“We should talk about money,” she said with a look
“Why not email me dates that you’re in?”

When she talked about money she glowed
Like putting the top down and hitting the road
Maybe she had a figure in mind
But I don’t think the pound signs were making her blind
I don’t think she was anything less than sincere
Her whole body relaxed as she leaned in her chair
From the nape of her neck
To the shape of her frame
I’m sure if she talked about chocolate or liquor
She would have behaved just the same

So I put in a song where my mind goes
It’s the only safe place for it now, heaven knows
Aware so soon after the crash
That I shouldn’t be writing a cheque I can’t cash
I can’t make guarantees but I’ll do what I can
I explain as I lamely attempt the right thing
Out of temptation
The cradle of sleep
But if this fiscal winter gets chillier still
Here’s a girl who could make me dig deep

Credits & Copyright

Written in December 2011 and recorded in 2013 by James Bell. Released in November 2013. Remastered in December 2017. (C) & (P) House of Lyra.  All rights reserved.