I Wish There Was A Pill

James Bell
  1. I Wish There Was A Pill -:-- / 05:04

“True love can cure it, but it’s rarer than a blue moon…”


I think I was aware when I was writing this song that I might look back on it with something of a cringe. It seems more earnest and angry than it is. It was more an exasperated shrug, based on realising I was living in a society that only seemed interested in battling unhappiness with the use of chemicals. Since writing it I’ve come to appreciate that antidepressants save lives on a daily basis, but I still feel that they’re somewhat blunt tools. Perhaps I’ve always been obsessed with the idea that there might be a magic pill that could treat the less chemical and more existential angst of simply being alive. If you find it before I do, let me know, yeah?


Sertraline will hone in
On your Serotonin
Doxepin delimits
The Noradrenaline in

Paroxetine, Fluoxetine excel in commissioned polls
25% or more than placebo-based controls
Pills to purge your melancholy urges, or so they say
I wish there was a pill that would really take the pain away


MDMA will
Just kiss the night away till
The next quick fix of love in
A yellow, pink or grey pill

Alcohol will soothe it all then make it 20 times worse again
Crack Cocaine will pulp your brain, but make you credible in LA
Tranquillisers only sterilise the pain until the break of day
Still we think they sell a pill that will really take the pain away


True love can cure it
But it’s rarer than a blue moon
Could wait a lifetime for it
And never feel the monsoon

This world’s beauty moulds it
But god, it’s hard to hold it
It’s only really music
That helps me to control it

These stones inside my head that make all of the colours just bleed away
But damn the skies, I’m not the kind who lies in their own pity and wastes away
I’ll learn the skill because I have the will and I believe that there’s no other way
And I’m going to find a pill that will really take the pain away

Credits & Copyright

Written in 2007 and recorded in 2009 by James Bell. Released in November 2009. Remastered in May 2017. (C) & (P) House of Lyra. All rights reserved.

Photo by Jim Belford (CC BY-NC 2.0)