Work In Progress

James Bell

  • Release 2018


This is a collection of initial drafts of tracks, both traditional and original. Some might remain as they are, and be released on an album at a later point. Some may go through many revisions, which I will post here. I have spent years being precious about only releasing tracks online when I am totally comfortable with them, but that's a very slow and cumbersome process. And also, this way listeners can actually give me feedback. So if, for example, I write a song with a lyric about going to Nepal and visiting Timbuktu while I'm there, you can drop me an email or a tweet and say "James, you know Timbuktu is in Mali, right?"


Written and recorded by James Bell all overs. Released at various points. (C) & (P) House of Lyra. All rights reserved where owned. Album cover art photo by Alex J. Reyes on Unsplash.