I Am The Cloud

James Bell
  1. I Am The Cloud -:-- / 02:56

“I’m the picture in the background or the soundtrack to an uneventful day”


I have no idea when this song was written, except that it was some time in my 20s. Before 2003, I think. I was ‘working through some issues’ at the time, in a totally obsessive and hermetic way. I basically lived with my parents (my mother wasn’t well), and I barely held down a job, had no friends, and spent all my time tying myself up in knotty logical arguments. And this song was a fairly straight description of that time, and the sense of the world going by with me having less and less connection to it. And how (in what might have been a conscious reference to Richard Thompson’s song Beeswing) I wouldn’t have it any other way.


You are the crowd
With your eyes on something shiny
And your minds refined like diamond as you sway
And your very lives dependant on each play

I am the cloud
Who wanders by and draws your eyes up to the sky and then politely fades away
I don’t take more than seconds from your day

You are the crowd
I am the cloud
That distracts you just enough to let you know you were distracted from your place

I’m hardly here
I’m the picture in the background or the soundtrack to an uneventful day
I hardly make a difference either way

I think aloud
But don’t think I’m thinking to you
My thoughts just go right through you on their way
To their destination many miles away

I am the cloud
I am the cloud
That’s just a chip in the horizon and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Credits & Copyright

Written by James Bell some time before 2003 (probably). Recorded and released by James Bell in May 2018. (C) & (P) House of Lyra.