The Gloucester Hornpipe

James Bell

Work In Progress

  1. The Gloucester Hornpipe


This is one of my favourite traditional hornpipes, and one that I learnt from a 1950s recording of Stephen James Baldwin (1873-1955), a Herefordshire railway worker, soldier and Morris musician. Not sure how old it is, but it is also known as The Swansea Hornpipe and The Man from Newry. This is also my first attempt at recording a solo piece for melodeon. It’s such a great instrument, and tunes sound so sweet when specifically arranged for it. But, as an instrument, it’s such a motherfucker to play…


This version is an initial draft, not the finished version! I ran out of time, and was still learning it the day I recorded it. So I hope to sneakily add an updated version here soon, and then to delete this message.

Credits & Copyright

Traditional, adapted by James Bell. Recorded and released by James Bell in February 2018. (P) House of Lyra. Photo by David Iliff (CC-BY-SA 3.0).