Dear Diary,

I’ve lost the knack of this blogging nonsense, I’ll be honest with you.  I mean, it has been a while.

It used to be my ‘I’ve got 20 minutes to spare what will I do now?’ of choice once upon a time — so much so that I never used to get any songs written!  But now… it’s just hard to get back into the emotion of it.

By which I mean that I still have plenty of ideas, but none that actually excite me enough to make me want to read about them.

I’m not fantastically bothered by it though.  I know that I always get this when I’m starting something I haven’t done in a while.  If I haven’t written any songs in ages then the first few are usually pretty awful, and never even get finished.  But before long I get back into it, until eventually I start seeing everything in terms of song ideas.

So it will figure itself out in its own sweet time.

But in the meantime, a question.  By way of a preamble.

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