Production Music

Please find below a number of (as yet unlicensed) albums I have put together that are written specifically to be licensed to music libraries. 

If you’re a music supervisor or work with a music library and would like to hear more, or would like to commission something bespoke, do contact me at, or fill in the form below.

Upbeat Acoustic Roots

An album of 10 energetic acoustic songs with a cheerful, wholesome feel.

Synth Noir

Tracks that evoke the early days of synthesiser-based film scores such as Tron, Halloween and Sorcerer, as well as later homages such as Stranger Things and It Follows.

Dark Medieval

Inspired by French and Italian Early music, but structured with a pop music sensibility. Inspired by everything from Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings to Robin Hood (not to mention The Tudors, The Borgias and Medici: Masters of Florence).

Slow Burn Country

10 modern Katy Musgrove-inspired country tracks with a lonesome, melancholy lost-on-the-highway feel.

Futuristic Corporate

A collection of 8 clean, bright and futuristic corporate tracks that I’ve given the working title of “Tomorrow’s Venture”.

Emotional Piano

Piano-focused instrumental music suitable for romantic dramas, more intimate stories, or any factual programming that requires a sense of melancholy, nostalgia or tranquility.