Chapter 79: Loving the Sound of Song!

Dear Diary,

Neil Brand is prince amongst men and his documentaries are fucking awesome.

This 3-part series on the history of song is getting some serious airplay from me at the moment.  I am watching the episodes again and again.

And one of the things that I particularly love is that he is looking at the history of music in terms of the one thing that I believe has been the most influential: technology.

In fact, I was going to write an extended blog article myself at some point doing pretty much the same thing (although nowhere near as well).  He focuses particularly recording technology.  I was going to concentrate mainly on printing technology: how the development of standard notation and the rise of the printing press helped to spread music and cross-fertilise ideas.  Maybe some day.

Anyway, put your feet up and prepare to say ‘Really? I didn’t know that!’ a lot.

('Old fashioned microphone' by Josh Lloyd)
(‘Old fashioned microphone’ by Josh Lloyd)

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