‘Songs’ by Ditte Elly

More ‘songs’ in the second recommendation this month.  This time, not of separation but just of… stuff, I guess.  Ditte is now based in the North East, but for a long time was one of the brightest stars on the Oxford acoustic scene, and her album features, amongst others, Laura and Rosie, who have each recorded albums recently – and the three of them have returned the favours to each other and have all appeared singing harmony on each album.

She played a fantastic gig at St Columba’s Church in Oxford the other night, and it was this harmony singing that really blew me away.  Great melodies, extraordinary voice, and seriously great guitar playing, incidentally – although perhaps it’s something only guitar players notice.  But I wish I played with that kind of elegance and clarity.  (If you’ve seen what my guitar looks like, it’s fairly obvious that elegance and clarity have seldom troubled it.)

Current favourite track: You Find It Easy


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