Folk Weekend: Project ‘Searchlight’

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Okay, some tentative news here…

Something we’re hoping to try out at Folk Weekend this year is creating more opportunities for local folk artists to get on our radar.

Specifically, we’re hoping to hold an event very soon (and maybe more than one if it’s successful) in which local folk musicians can come and play, and chat with us, and we can generally get to know each other.

As an artist myself, I know that it can be really hard to get on the local radar – particularly if you live a bit further out from the city.  And as a co-artistic-director, I know that it can be even harder sifting through an email Inbox of literally hundreds of requests to play, and picking out who is really good.  There’s no substitute for actually being in the same room, and seeing someone perform.

However, we haven’t tried this before.  I don’t know of any folk festival that does anything like this, for that matter, although that’s not to say no one does.

And, to paraphrase cinematic auteur Paul Thomas Anderson: There Will Be Logistical Headaches.

We’re probably going to stumble around in the dark a bit to begin with.  So please be gentle with us if this first event is a little rough around the edges!

We’re currently in the process of firming up venues and dates.  We’ll keep you posted.

Watch this space!

* Update *

And we now have a date – Friday 29 July – and a venue – St Luke’s Church.

More info available here:

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