A Bond Girl’s Food Diary


The third of this month’s recommendations is my wife’s food blog:


Because, hey, why not?  It’s really good.  And genuinely, no amount of theoretical persuading would make me recommend it if I didn’t think it was really good.  (Not that there has been any persuading attempts – she was a little shocked when I told her I was doing it.)  She’s a trained chef, and she takes her food at least as seriously as I take my music.

Here’s an extract:

Childhood Easter egg hunts are the very stuff of dreams, no? They’re one of those experiences that are utterly magical when you’re small, and it’s the sort of magic that, sadly, cannot be replicated as an adult. Never again will dashing around the garden, crazy high on sugar and looking for your next hit, basket clutched in sticky hands, hold the same delight. Now I am unlikely to run for anything unless being chased by something genuinely dangerous, and I have the means to simply go out and buy chocolate of my own accord. These developments are welcome, but they sadly come at the expense of the exhilarating Easter egg hunts I once knew.

Just a quick post today with a very simple idea: Easter brownies for kids and adults.

Current Favourite Recipe

… is a tricky one.  But probably (and the fact that it’s the header photo on her site might be an influencing factor) I think I’m going to go for Pork Belly Ramen.

Although my favourite post might be this one, in part just for the title:

Five minutes with Nadiya Hussain: reigning champion of The Great British Bake Off; the nation’s beloved kitchen goddess; queen of my heart

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