‘Fool In The Rain’ by Led Zeppelin

Monthly Recommendation #2.  Not the sort of song most people would associate with Led Zeppelin.  (And not ‘Food In The Rain’, as I initially typed.)  As I understand it, Robert Plant’s son had recently died, and he since said he just wasn’t emotionally ready to get out there and sing songs about where he wanted to stick his cock.  So, on Zeppelin’s last album, we get this sweet and yet also awesomely funky song.

But I read somewhere that Jimmy Page said he thought it was a bit too ‘soft’.  He was still deep into heroin.  Actually, I do think the song is a little overlong (I usually stop the track at around 4 minutes in), and I wonder if Page’s substances explain why he plays a guitar solo that is as dull and unimaginative as John Bonham’s playing is inventive and sharp.

Current favourite aspect:
Quite simply, the best drumming in the world.


Okay, it appears the label have taken it off YouTube.  Next stop, iTunes!

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