From The Vaults: The Heart & The Head

Did I ever tell you about the time that me and the Half Moon All Stars played a gig under the skeleton a tyrannosaurus rex?  If you know me personally then I fucking did, didn’t I.  Many many times.  But be honest, this is some pretty serious bucket list material going on right here.

We were offered this awesome gig by science communicator Brian Mackenwells.  The premise was… actually, let me just copy the blurb:

On the 10th of October 2015, The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, with support from Cancer Research UK and The Wellcome Trust, put on an evening of storytelling and music where researchers from the Centre, the Jenner Institute, and Cancer Research UK came together to tell stories about their lives as scientists, with live musical accompaniment from Oxford-based folk band “James Bell and the Half Moon All Stars”. It took place under the dinosaurs at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and our speakers were Irina Pulyakhina (WTCHG), Anna Fowler (WTCHG), Erwan Atcheson (Jenner), Portia Westall (WTCHG), and Daniel Bulte (CRUK). This track contains the entire evening, but you can listen to specific sections of it in the other tracks in this series.

So do click to listen to the University of Oxford podcast above, and imagine a T-Rex trying to do the Heart Is A Muscle hand-jive.

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