On The Radio

You know how I said in December that the Food of Love album was going to be released then? Well, er, I was wrong.  It’s being released now, and the album’s producer Tom and I went on BBC Radio Oxford to talk about the making of the album.Pretty much as soon as Tom and I were out of the studio we started chatting about all the stuff we knew we got wrong.  Tom mentioned that he’d accidentally said ‘Fortune My Foe’ was quoted in Hamlet, when he knew it wasn’t.  Whereas I have this weird thing where, literally for years, I keep getting the original name for Bedlam – Bethlehem Royal Hospital – mixed up with St Bartholomew’s Hospital.  (I even adapted a song called St Bartholomew’s Girl, based on this mistake.)

Basically, I spent the whole time mildy terrified that I was going to bollocks up the guitar part.

Anyways, here is the programme, for your listening pleasure…

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