Recommendation: Miss Sloane

Just as there is now a genre known as ‘Liam Neeson takes a series of kidnappers / terrorists / wolves apart with his fists in a frighteningly realistic way’, so there is also the genre we’re going to call ‘Oh, you’re going to fuck with Jessica Chastain, are you? Are you… sure that’s a good idea?’

In this film she clearly has an absolute ball playing a pill-popping, male-escort-employing… how shall we say? ‘morally challenged’ lobbyist taking on the gun lobby in the United States. There are so many twists, it’s practically a Chubby Checker song. And yes, the plot gets pretty contrived — but of course it’s contrived, when there are so many characters who are deliberately contriving. That’s kind of the point. H and I both found it believable, and hugely enjoyable.

Also, H is looking for an affordable version of the brown coat she wears. If anyone knows of any reasonable retailers?

Current Favourite Part:
Chastain, obvs.

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