Recommendation: American Vandal

Controversially, this is a recommendation that I haven’t actually watched all the way through. I just loved the concept.

For fans of the new wave of True Crime documentary series like Making A Murderer and podcasts like Serial, this is a new Netflix ‘mock-rue-crime-mentary’*, in which a school A/V club makes their own series exploring the mystery of 27 penises spray-painted on the 27 cars of their schoolteachers. Treated with all the seriousness of a mass killing, this show has a blast sending up all the clichés that have been gripping netizens for months.

And curiously, if you were to ask me which of the people that I know might have committed a heinous crime like this when they were younger, I would actually have to pick this month’s previous recommendation. (No, not Haim, the other one.)

Current Favourite Part:

(* Not a real thing.)

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