Recommendation: HAIM

HAIM are a band that I feel have been floating around my peripheral vision for a while – a band with the kind of shape and consistency that suggest I might be playing them over and over again very soon. Well, the day finally came, and their albums ‘Days Are Gone’ and ‘Something To Tell You’ are probably my most listened to albums at the moment.

They remind me a lot of local (well, formerly local) acoustic band Small & Gold, in that they’re a bunch of sisters who all seem to get on amazingly, and are super-talented musicians, and write great songs, and seem to be having an idyllic time all the time, and it all seems so perfect that I’m sure they’re all turn out to be Satanists…

The video above is from 5 years ago, but it was one of the first songs that sunk its hooks into me. And the video is basically about them all breaking up with their boyfriends, and the boyfriends just crying unstoppably throughout the whole song. And… that should be kind of horrible, but it is weirdly one of the funniest music videos I’ve ever seen. Perhaps because the ‘boyfriends’ in question (including actor Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island and Girls fame) just go at the whole crying thing like lives depend upon it, and are clearly having way too much fun.

Anyway, this is a band I feel I’m kind of behind the curve on, and you’ve probably seen following them for years, but if you haven’t… well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Current Favourite Thing:

I don’t think they’ve released it as a single, but there’s this bit in Kept My Crying that goes “I was your lover… I was your friend…” And… well, there’s obviously no video yet either, but here is a strangely mesmerising dance troupe version:

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