This very ramshackle Half Moon All Stars album, also featuring (my) local favourites Jessica Law and Sam Taplin, was put together way back in 2014 by basically just sticking a recording device at the stage. So, prestine quality live sound it ain’t. But it’s basically the only existing version of an HM/AS band set.

It’s a little rough around the edges. And… it’s also rough in the middle. It’s rough all over, basically. But the band was always at its best at that location: in the musicians alcove of the Half Moon pub on St Clements. And I think (I hope) this captures some of the best of that. Continue reading

  1. It's Not Unusual James Bell 3:05


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So, when it comes to items ‘from the vaults’, I think I’ve shared a number of videos before. But I haven’t really delved into the troves of recordings I’ve made over the years. Something I might be doing a bit more of from now on. Continue reading