News: Shameless cuties!!

What was it that made me finally accept the inevitable? Perhaps it goes all the way back to 2010, and ‘The Internet Is Made Of Cats’, which is always playing in some deep neural network of my brain at any given moment: According to Google (who knows everything and is never wrong) about 4 – 5%… Continue reading News: Shameless cuties!!

Chapter 67: Painting the Severn Bridge

Photo by Lyndon Hatherall (Flickr)

 Dear Diary,Anyway, as I was saying…This year you’re going to be hearing LOTS from me!  I’ll be posting lots of gigs, lots of new recordings, yada-yada-yada…Yeah, you’ve heard this before, haven’t you Diary.  “I’m going to write to you all the time from now on!  I know I’ve been shit up to now, but I… Continue reading Chapter 67: Painting the Severn Bridge