From The Vaults: ‘The Ballad of Iggy & Debbie’

Here‘s a blast from the past.  Eight years ago.  Me referring to recently turning 30, so that dates it.

It’s from an old YouTube account which is riddled with copyright infringements, but which Google won’t let me log into in any way shape or form, so I can’t delete it.  It’s just stranded there, floating in space forever, like one of the main characters from the film Gravity[belated spoiler alert]

As soon as I’ve caught up with the admin side of this new mailing list enterprise, I’m going to start recording new material – apologies (to myself mainly) for not having anything new right now.  But the goal is to keep producing new stuff, but good quality stuff, and that does take a certain amount of organisation; hence the delay.

Iggy Pop, incidentally, is now 68 of course.  And Debbie Harry is 70.

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