Small & Gold

I had the great pleasure to be MC-ing the main stage on Saturday night at this year’s Folk Weekend Oxford festival, and the first act were one of my favourite local acts: Small & Gold.

Which meant I got to say the same spiel that I’m about to write here. If you were at that gig, well, it improves with repetition. Probably.

When I first saw them play at the Catweazle Club – four sisters clearly still at school, harmony-singing a self-penned alt-country song with the line “But when I’m here, surrounded by my sisters, it’s clear to me that we are small and gold…” – my initial impression was actually one of sadness. Because they already seemed to be a fully formed band writing great songs… but there was surely no way they would keep playing into adulthood. Surely they’d move away and fall out and get depressing jobs…

And… maybe they’ve done all of these things. But they’re still playing. And I cannot get enough of that harmony singing.

Current favourite track: (still) Small & Gold

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