The Tyranny of Robot Swans

You might recognise the fresh face on the video snapshot above as Laura Theis, whose album I produced. Well, one of her many other bands, Robot Swans, is releasing a new album this month (for Facebookers the launch is here). It's called The Tyranny of Robot Swans, and it looks like this: a1156370517_10 Current favourite track: Relish Although... I think that video at the top might be a bit misleading, as they're primarily an electric band. If you want a better idea of what they sound like, you can watch this rather uncomfortable interview, where singer Matt Bradshaw is given a bit of a hard time for being pretty unprepared and inarticulate. This is all the more embarrassing, as he's interviewing himself...

By James Bell

Trad singer, songwriter and romantic fundamentalist.

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