Recommendation: This Is Love

How To Be Alone, How To Live Forever, How To Wait, How To Worry, And Yes, How To Love. The creators of the popular podcast, Criminal, surprised everyone when they turned their attention to an investigation of a very different kind. This is Love explores perseverance, obsession, and what happens when we risk betting it all. 

Recommendation: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

First recommendation of the month, and I am VERY late to the party on the Malcolm Gladwell train. Who has been everyone’s favourite non-fiction author for maybe a decade now. I was recommended Outliers: The Story of Success by my brother, and based purely on the title I already hated it.

Recommendation: Elise Trouw

Elise Trouw is obviously not the first person to discover a loop pedal, nor the first person to play many instruments on one track, but still, to me, what she does feels new. And perhaps part of that is because tracks built up entirely from loops can often get boring very quickly, whereas her ‘loop’… Continue reading Recommendation: Elise Trouw

Recommendation: Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain

May 25, 2017: Anthony Bourdain rides a train from Colombo, Sri Lanka north to Jaffna, Sri Lanka on May 25, 2017. (photo by David Scott Holloway)

As far as I’m concerned, travel TV with a good host is pretty much as good as TV gets. And most of my favourites have been under some other pretext. In the 80s and 90s Michael Palin retraced the journey in the book Around The World In 80 Days. I love love love Andrew Graham-Dixon’s ‘the… Continue reading Recommendation: Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain