Recommendation: Rachel Bloom, Queen of Song

You may not recognise Rachel Bloom’s hands, but… you may not recognise her face also.

Or… maybe you will actually, as she does seem to have found mainstream success since that election video. I think the first video I saw of hers was this:

Which is a good introduction if you’re not familiar with who she is and what she does. She started just making music videos (with extraordinarily high production values) on her website, and then she got herself a show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which sounds kind of glib, but does deal directly with mental illness). And she has since gone on to become an award-winning star, and the show is kind of a romantic comedy with musical numbers:

I mean, a lot of it is in-jokes for fans of musicals. So… if you hate musicals (and yeah, a lot of people do) then this probably isn’t going to be for you. But if you love this kind of meta-musical wordplay then there are so many new earworms here just waiting for you. The show also has a fantastic cast, who you are likely to see in other things and go “Oh! It’s them from CEG!”

It’s weird actually, because Rachel Bloom first struck me as one of those people who was clearly extraordinarily talented but would probably only ever be a very niche artist, because who is going to put a lot of money behind someone whose main thing is being obsessed by Broadway? But she now has the fanbase to (hopefully) do pretty much whatever she wants.

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