Recommendation: This Is Love

How To Be Alone, How To Live Forever, How To Wait, How To Worry, And Yes, How To Love.

The creators of the popular podcast, Criminal, surprised everyone when they turned their attention to an investigation of a very different kind. This is Love explores perseverance, obsession, and what happens when we risk betting it all. 

This is just one of those really high quality podcasts like You Must Remember This or Revisionist History that you can just chew right through before you even know it. It’s not specifically about romantic love — there’s a fair bit of different kinds, such as the emotional bonds between parents and children, between siblings, between strangers, between humans and animals, and even between humans and artificial intelligence.

And you know, as soon as you start, you’re going to be in safe hands.

(That said, be careful of the prologue episode if you’re afraid of spiders!)

Current Favourite Thing:

Hard to choose, but maybe episode 2: Something Large and Wild. Trying to save a baby whale.

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