Recommendation: Offence by Little Simz

Driving to London late at night, trying to stay awake, listening to Radio 1. Lots of solid male artists who have clearly been listening to a lot of Stormzy. And then the first (or maybe the second?) female artist of the show gets played, and it’s like it’s from another planet, and I immediately say to myself Who the fuck is this? And why do I not have their album yet?

I was driving so I obviously couldn’t check my phone, but as soon as I was able to pull over I googled whatever lyrics I could remember.

The last time I heard a song that had this kind of “let’s set fire to the furniture and just see what happens” vibe was 212 by Azealia Banks. And if Offence doesn’t prove to be a monster hit by the end of the year then I shall be writing a strongly worded letter to The Times.

Current Favourite Thing:

“I said it with my chest and I don’t CARE who I offend uh-huh!”

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