Artistic Director of Folk Weekend Oxford

Folk Weekend Oxford

It’s okay, it’s really simple…

It’s all just been a horrible, horrible mistake…

I’d been trying to back out of doing things (gigs, MC-ing, etc.) for Folk Weekend Oxford… really so I could actually go and see it! I always just walk around worrying about whether I can remember all the words, and haven’t really relaxed and enjoyed it as a festival yet.

Anyway, I was very surprised and immensely flattered to be asked to take over the Artistic Director role from Jenny of Seahorse Promotions (who has moved out of the county). And a bit worried, frankly, as chatting with Jenny and the organiser Cat made me realise how much is going on that I just hadn’t been aware of. I feel I have a steep learning curve ahead of me.

But that said, here are some of the initial things I’m hoping to introduce:

  • Monster truck racing
  • Holograms (somehow)
  • Lots of very angry left wing politics
  • Morris pole-dancing and assorted erotica
  • The Lords Prayer and/or Russell Crowe’s speech from Gladiator
  • Lots of very ill-informed right wing politics
  • More workshops for kazoo
  • James May from Top Gear

So basically, don’t worry – it’s in safe hands now.

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