From The Vaults: To Live By A River

Don’t think I’ve yet shared this live version of March’s bonus tune. Spring doesn’t usually come until mid April in these parts, but it really seems to be busting out all over, and currently – writing as I am from my boat on the river – I would have to say I concur with this tune’s… Continue reading From The Vaults: To Live By A River

Sunshine Werewolf

Track number 3 from Badass Snow White. We’ve had race car drivers, dodgy princes with necrophiliac tendencies… and now we someone cursed to be a werewolf whenever the sun shines. Badass Snow White by Badass Snow White This is the first song on the album that features the full band playing live in the recording studio. (The first two… Continue reading Sunshine Werewolf

Chapter 75: Studio Animals

 Laura Theis.A photo posted by James Bell (@jamesbellcentral) on Dec 12, 2014 at 1:53pm PST Dear Diary,Well, Sunday was an enjoyable and fairly exhausting 9 hours in the studio, recording tracks for a Laura Theis album I’m producing.  It was a day of checklists: