Sunshine Werewolf


Track number 3 from Badass Snow White. We’ve had race car drivers, dodgy princes with necrophiliac tendencies… and now we someone cursed to be a werewolf whenever the sun shines.

This is the first song on the album that features the full band playing live in the recording studio. (The first two featured some ensemble performing but were mainly constructed ‘in the box’, as the saying goes.)

We also invited an audience of friends to watch, and even to participate, in the form an impromptu werewolf chorus, which you can hear at the end. Bloodcurdling, no?

Incidentally, song factoid: whenever we play this live, I find the hardest bit to be the random notes at the end of every little howl in the chorus (e.g. 38 seconds in). I don’t know why, but I find it really difficult to not play the same thing on guitar 3 or 4 times in a row. Really, I should write some kind of specific ‘random’ riff to play, but that feels like it would be missing the point.

Anyway, all of this lycan mischief reminds me of a fantastic Hammer horror film from 1974, The Beast Must Die, in which a bunch of people are invited to a haunted house to basically guess which of them is a werewolf. The film actually stops towards the end, and gives the audience 30 seconds to make up their minds. (No prize or punishment is specified — maybe anyone who guessed from in the cinema was fed to the werewolf?)

I won’t tell you who the werewolf is, but if you must have a spoiler, the second suspect is a young Michael Gambon.

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