Rolling Home


Track number 3 from the Reverenzas EP How We Roll. Slightly more serious than the last. An unaccompanied (almost) version of an old patriotic song.

Not to be confused, incidentally, with the song by the same name by John Tams (which is actually a better song – if you’ve seen the stage show of War Horse you might recognise it as the song at the beginning).

Every once in a while I will record a song and come back to it much later and thing: did that actually work? I’m still not 100% sure of this one. And what I mean by that is that it’s not something I will particularly want to listen to for pleasure – it’s fine, but instinctively I might skip past it.

So why share it here? Well, because all too often that happens because I had something else in my mind that I wanted to achieve, and it came out differently.  So long as the song is done competently I think my opinion is actually rather unimportant. I didn’t write it, and someone else might find it moving in a way that has never quite worked for me.

I might well come back to it again some day, if I ever remember what I was going to achieve.

But if you like it, well, please forget everything I just wrote! Because that means it has already done its job.

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