Monthly recommendation #2, and a slight departure from the norm: a fantastic resource (that I’ve been using for years) for anyone interested in playing traditional English tunes. Particularly useful if you fancy playing at a folk session like the one we hold in Iffley.

These two books by Nick Barber have nearly 200 tunes in them – many of which will be familiar to sessioners countrywide.

But one little tip: if you do feel like buying them, get them from him directly at the link below, as I’m told he doesn’t actually make any money from sales on other websites.

Or alternatively, you can go to Sidmouth Folk Week and find him in the Radway Inn, and buy them off him in person!

Current Favourite Tune:

Impossible to say. Depends on the day really. Today it’s probably the Gypsy Hornpipe. (I likes a good hornpipe, me.)



Track number 3 from the Reverenzas EP How We Roll. Slightly more serious than the last. An unaccompanied (almost) version of an old patriotic song.

Not to be confused, incidentally, with the song by the same name by John Tams (which is actually a better song – if you’ve seen the stage show of War Horse you might recognise it as the song at the beginning). Continue reading