Micaela Hourbeigt

The second recommendation of this month is also from my week of mixing and mastering in SSR London.  This time from my classmate Micaela Hourbeigt: resident of Argentina who had flown in to London to brush up on her studio skills, see some friends, have a holiday, and shake her head in bewilderment as Brexit shit went off the chain all around her.

Together we managed to break teacher Johnny with our never-ending stream of questions (“Yeah, I’m coming to that part…” basically became his catchphrase.)  And then we did the traditional swapping of each other’s music.  And she hit me with a triple volume concept album, which is fairly hardcore.

The first one lulls you into hypnosis…


The second one hits you with something a bit rockier…


And then Sting meets Britney…


Check out the rest though – there’s a wide range of sounds and feelings.  I’m looking forward to hearing what she does next, now that we both know how to balance the perfect mix.  ;o)

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