‘There Is No Return’ by Strangers From Birth

I’m not going to just keep recommending people I know, but I can’t let the passing of this month’s big album release pass by.  Science-fiction inflected, electronically induced and very occasionally chemically-inspired, Mass and Ossian have been making music of one form or another pretty much since I first knew them, which was pretty much an infinity ago.  Their latest, out on Body Control records, is a collection of 12 of the finest compositions of digital mischief and what-the-fuckery you are likely to encounter this side of that parallel universe where all the Star Trek crew are evil and have beards:


Ossian and I met at school.  We were in bands together.  And we recorded an album when we were about 20, very much in Adult Life Skills vein.  Who can forget such classic dance floor fillers as “(I Went Down To The) 8 Till Late”, “You’re Too Young To Play The Bongos” and “I Am Agent Mulder’s Over-shoulder Bolder Holder, Hear Me Roar”?

Well, unless I keep bringing it up, pretty much everybody.

Let’s keep it that way.

Current Favourite Moment: Disco Taxi (specifically Bjürn’s futuristic dancing)

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