Margin Call

It’s about time I recommended something other than music, I think.  I liked this film when I first saw it, but better than that, it’s just stayed with me.  I keep thinking of lines from it.

If you’re like me then you may watch this trailer and think: this is going to be a bit tediously macho, isn’t it.  Lots of David Mamet posing and Aaron Sorkin speeches and ‘You don’t understand how hard it is for me to be such an unusually gifted actor!’ shite.  Actually, there’s none of that.

It is basically the story of the day that the 2008 credit crisis hit, told from the perspective of a fictional investment bank, in pretty much real time.  There’s comparatively little philosophising, and much more people rapidly alternating between (a) staring at computer screens and going “Oh shit… ohh shit… that can’t be… ?!!  oh shit…” and (b) wondering out loud how much money other people in the company make.

Hopefully this isn’t a spoiler, but it doesn’t exactly have a happy ending.

Current Favourite Thing: Stanley Tucci talking about how he used to make bridges.  In fact, just Stanley Tucci generally.  And not just in this film.

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