Sierra Hull

This month’s recommendation #1: Sierra Hull.  Melodeon shredder, singer and occasional Dr Who companion.

I tend not to necessarily be a massive fan of musicians just because they play really fast and have a really clean and precise technique.  I used to be, when I first learnt guitar and was wowed by Eddie Van Halen and his disciples, but after a while I found technique for its own sake kinda dull.  Just program it into a computer, I thought, and get that to play it back.  It’ll be way faster and more precise than a human.

But there are those people who have that fantastic technique in their back pocket, so to speak, and then on top of that are able to really make the instrument sing, and I think Sierra Hull is one of those.  (Although she’s also able to sing herself – she’s not just an instrumentalist.)

And  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently watching films of her various mandolin workshops on YouTube, and realising quite how much about guitar technique I have to learn.

And there is a very simple joy in watching and hearing someone do something that you know is very tricky in such an effortless and breezy way.

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