From The Vaults: True Colours

This was the video from 2009 that broke my old YouTube channel.

I used to make videos with a laissez faire attitude to copyright infringement, based on the fact they were really for my own entertainment.  And I justified it with the knowledge that my account had about 7 views in total.  And I was 5 of them.

Then I ignored the account for a while, and came back to it years later with the attitude that it was time to remove all the copyright infringing stuff.  But YouTube (then owned by Google) had frozen my account, for this video particularly, and I couldn’t get into it… to delete the account!

Anyway, so in the light of the number of films I cut footage of in this video, the infringement of the song itself seems comparatively minor.  This is Cyndi Lauper’s song True Colors, which I grew up thinking was cheesy, until I was old enough to realise it’s just the best thing.  I’m giving it a brief breath of oxygen before it disappears into the archives of this site.  I hope you like it.

And… one for all and all for one.

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