‘Digging In The Dirt’ by Peter Gabriel

The last of this month’s recommendations.  An old one, that I used to watch back when I was glued to MTV as a kid.  Oliver, one of the creators of Eulogise This recently reminded me about it, and how when I heard it I went away and tried to record my own version of it, so I could figure out how it was produced.

Not much of the music I listened to then has stood the test of time.  (I was never a fan of ‘Sledgehammer‘, for example.)  And this video is a bit stylistically dated, I think.  But what I love about it is that it’s a complete package: a video that really fits the production, that really fits the music, that really fits the lyrics.  That really fits the emotion.  It’s not a song that tells a literal story, but you can watch the video only once and get a pixel-sharp sense of what is going on.

Current Favourite Aspect:

I can’t separate any particular part, actually.  Again, I like the way it feels like a complete package.

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