‘EP’ by Bug Prentice

Second recommendation of the month: another local favourite, Bug Prentice.

Every time I see a Bug Prentice poster around town or on social media (they’re actually on the cover of next month’s local Nightshift magazine), I get a twinge of embarrassment, on account of having booked songwriter-in-chief Ally Craig to play a gig last year that proved to be a catalogue of disasters.  Ally was graceful as ever of course, in the face of a rainy miserable evening playing to a virtually empty room.  But as a sometime event promoter, I always worry more about not giving an act a decent-sized audience than I do about the money.

My ears might be deceiving me, but I do get the sense that Ally’s songs are actually getting a little more cheerful as the years roll by.  Parts of this EP even sound jaunty.  (Apologies, Ally, if this is a heinous slur.)

Current Favourite Track:

A joint-winner this time.  ‘Lee Miller’, because she’s always been a hero of mine.  And ‘Don’t Be That Dude’, because, seriously, don’t be.

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