Roll on Oxford Folk Month!

For me, the second week in April always starts of what I tend to think of as ‘Folk Month’. It always starts with the Bastard Session (in this case on the 14th), and then the week after that it’s Folk Weekend: Oxford, the local folk festival that I am an artist director for (handing the local… Continue reading Roll on Oxford Folk Month!

From The Vaults: ‘Cracking’ (Suzanne Vega cover)

Following on from last month’s Suzanne Vega post: my own version of the first song on her first album. I still maintain that It’s a one time thing. It just happens. A lot. … is one of the great opening lines of a recording career. If you like very low res video footage and motion-sickness-inducing shaky-cam (and… Continue reading From The Vaults: ‘Cracking’ (Suzanne Vega cover)

‘EP’ by Bug Prentice

EP by Bug Prentice Second recommendation of the month: another local favourite, Bug Prentice. Every time I see a Bug Prentice poster around town or on social media (they’re actually on the cover of next month’s local Nightshift magazine), I get a twinge of embarrassment, on account of having booked songwriter-in-chief Ally Craig to play a… Continue reading ‘EP’ by Bug Prentice